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Paradise at the Right Price Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Buy a House in Cabo!

Los Cabos, Cabo for short, has been much in the news lately. But then, that’s often the case. Cabo is a vacation playground for millions of tourists annually, among them some of the world’s most famous–and media scrutinized–actors and athletes.

Everyone loves Los Cabos, it seems, and why not? It’s a paradise, boasting over 350 days of glorious sunshine per year on average, and over 100 miles of gorgeous coastline with beachfront ocean-view vantages. The only surprise really is that it has taken so many people so long to realize Cabo can be much more than merely a vacation playground.

It can also be a home, either full-time or as a secondary residence. But the realization has finally happened on a significant scale, and Los Cabos is now in the midst of its biggest ever building and development boom.

So if you think there has never been a better time to buy a house in Cabo than right now, you’re right. Because the best locations–that is to say, the best beachfront sites–are going fast.

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